Have you ever looked at the life of ancient people where they have to make their so much little work like making bread or bigger than bigger work like making homes? They only use their hands which takes days to make a home. Their food is uncooked meat and their life was so simple and straight. That time was not as advanced and hard as now.

But in today’s world, every work no matter if it is small or big is done by using machines. Machines make things easier and more accurate. Machines for case making are also been introduced in the market which makes people amazed case making machine for sale has made things so attractive they attain the attention of people.

High-Speed Case Making Machines

If you are interested in buying or using a case-making machine then you can directly buy it from an electronic shop. But if you want to buy online then you can visit some websites like Shengtu which provide you with some great machines for casing different machines.

In the whole world, different types of ST machines are in use all over the world. Machines like High-Speed Digital Automatic Case Making Machines, case lining machines, board slitters, etc. are important machines based on their size, shapes, colors, etc. They are used to decorate books, and diaries, make table calendars, and many more.

In High-Speed Digital Automatic Case Making Machines, you will see three different types with different features so you have to select the best one for you

ST060H High-Speed Case-Making Machine

The ST060 series of case-making machines are widely used to make hard-covering cases on hard things which can be a book, albums, diaries, etc. Their speed is up to 3000pcs/h, including a quick setup which helps in completing different jobs within 5-10 minutes.

Prominent Features

  • The problem of the machine’s stability and position has been solved.
  • It can also produce silver and gold paper, binding cloth, etc.
  • The production data has been memorized which makes the machine more efficient to use.
  • The case-making machines are improved by making glue-melting machines better.
  • You can see a speed of 45-50pcs/min in stable production

ST060D Digital Case-Making Machine

ST060D is a digital case-making machine that is mainly used to case objects like photo albums, books, and many more in a digital way. It mostly needs a few seconds to change the format. It is mainly used for short-term digital production because it has features like fast-ready functions, quick setup, etc.

Main Features

  • It helps solve the soft spine production problem.
  • It can make any type of thick glue cover which saves us money and time.
  • It monitors the production status and is convenient.
  • It helps save labor intensity and make production efficient.
  • It is used for making hardcovers for different areas.

ST060D Digital Case-Making Machine

If you want to case any of your material like photo albums, diaries, copies, etc. then ST015D digital casing-in machine is a great choice. It is a quick setup device with a make-ready option, which makes it most suitable for short-run digital production machines.

Prominent Features

  • It is mostly used for casing books which gives them a next-level attraction.
  • It can also memorize the data of production which results in saving time in changing different jobs.
  • It has some features which make it faster and quick production machine.
  • By driving my linear motor the stability and speed of the machine are greatly improved.
  • It has an intelligent system that has been connected to the company‚Äôs internal system which results in more accurate working.

Ending Remarks

This article may be helpful for you if you are interested in knowing about machines use for case making. An online website is known as Shengtu is well known for selling case-making machines. There are different kinds of machines with different features and facts used for different purposes and making things cool and attractive.


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