Giraffetools Pressure Washer is the most efficient and quickest way to wash a large variety of surfaces. It can include your boats, cars, homes, and so many other things. You can operate the advanced level cleaning system to get your homes back to life again. They have the ability to clean anything you want to clean. You can sparkle your car if you wash it with giraffetools pressure washer. There are always some things that one should take care of while washing the car with giraffetools pressure washer. Failure to follow these dos and don’ts can result in car damage as well.

Dos To Wash Car Through Giraffetools Pressure Washers

First of all, you should make sure that the brushes are in really good condition before you use them to wash your car. A stiff bristle brush can cause more damage to your car as compared to high-pressure water.

You should choose a giraffetools pressure washer that has the facility of inbuilt soap/detergent. It can ensure smooth washing of your car.

You should wear closed-toe shoes to avoid any kind of injuries while washing your car.

You should close the windows and doors of your car before you start the cleaning as it can damage your car if not closed.

Even if your brushes are in good condition, you should rinse them first so that the old dirt on brushes couldn’t make your car dirtier.

You can also choose other detergents but make sure that it suits the needs of your car as well as the washer system.

Don’ts While Washing Car Through Giraffetools Pressure Washers

While washing your car with giraffetools pressure washer, you should keep a proper distance of spray from the car surface. If you will go too close to the car then it can damage car paint. Never try to use zero degrees nozzle while washing your car with giraffetools pressure washer.

You should never use High pressure while washing the parts under your car. Doing so can result in in-car system damage. This is highly not recommended.

Make sure that you have parked your car on a smooth surface. If it is parked on a gravel surface then the stones can badly damage your car. The gravel stones can bounce back to the car and hence cause damage to it as well.

You should never start washing your car without a proper dilute solution of detergent.

You should never start washing your car from the bottom side.

You should never focus on your car’s surface with a high pressure nozzle for a long time. It can cause real damage to your car.

Try your best to maintain a bearable pressure and temperature of water to wash your car through giraffetools pressure washer.


If you are a beginner washing your car through a giraffetools pressure washer then you shouldn’t. It is because you should take expert help since you may not be aware of the proper washing process through a giraffetools pressure washer. It can end up with a damaged car surface that you will never want. Don’t forget to read the manual before washing your car with giraffetools pressure washer.


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